Digital Stationery® Link Activity Report

Below is an example of our exclusive "Link Activity Report." This up-to-the-minute report shows you exactly how many people have clicked through your stationery to visit your website, your online brochure, and your social networking sites. The example below from an actual client in England shows that in the first 4-1/2 months of using Digital Stationery® they had 2,245 additional visits to their online locations. Over the course of a year that adds up to nearly 6,000 additional visits!

Sample Link Activity Report for Digital Stationery™

The report is divided into four major sections.

  1. Banner: Clicks through your main banner image to your website home page.
  2. Tabs: Clicks through the tabs on your stationery to the main pages on your website.
  3. Buttons: Clicks through the "call-to-action" buttons to your online brochures.
  4. Social Links: Click through the social networking logos to your social sites.

If you have any questions about this report or the use of Digital Stationery™ generally, please contact us.

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