"In business today, color sells the message and the attractive format ... is an attention getter."

    - George Krebs
      Shore Business


Customer Testimonials

Digital Stationery® specializes in visually integrated, internet-based marketing communications. This enables our customers to project a consistent and powerful message to their customers across several important media: websites, email messages, and email newsletters.

Here's what a few of our customers have to say about the effectiveness of Digital Stationery®.

This is excellent, THANK YOU!

I especially appreciated the Link Activity Report, that’s amazing that you can track that. And that is helpful to know, I had suspected it helped, but to see the numbers! Wow! It makes it all worth it!!!

I’m so glad we do this. Thanks so much.

  - Maria Cristina Moore              
    ProCheck Inspection Services
    Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

    (see Maria's stationery)

I have no hesitation in recommending your Digital Stationery®! We are an organisation that trades on image and communication - we send out dozens of permission granted e-mails each day and Digital Stationery® has transformed our business.

It has cut the administration time by at least a 1/3rd - delegates can now register online for our events, directly from our email, simply by clicking on the upcoming events tab - no more tiresome phone calls or repeated messages. We have also seen increased traffic to our website and Digital Stationery® is the third highest driver of hits to the site.

  - Martin Draper              
    Working Lunch [Wales]
    Talgarth, Wales, UK

    (see Martin's stationery)

Digital Stationery® is an integral part of my firm’s marketing effort. With its custom design and direct link to my website, Digital Stationery® immediately distinguishes my message from others and provides an opportunity for each recipient to learn more about my practice on behalf of nonprofit organizations. With only positive responses and inquiries from its use Digital Stationery® unquestionably increases my firm’s marketing effectiveness with each message.

  - Marty Martin              
    Martin Law Firm
    Raleigh, North Carolina

    (see Marty's stationery)

Digital Stationery's ability to take our website look and assist us in spreading that look and feel to all of our communications has helped increase our "brand," and that in turn has helped us increase our visibility in larger organizations which is one of our most important strategic goals.

      - Dave Erdman, President  
        Vital Learning Corporation
        Omaha, Nebraska

        (see Dave's stationery)

I have had wonderful success using Digital Stationery® to send emails to my clients and prospects. Sending personalized stationery and personalized newsletters creates a more professional image. I have recommended this to many others who have also discovered the value of using Digital Stationery® for their business.

  - Nancy Henson              
    Henson Associates
    Dayton, Ohio

    (see Nancy's stationery)

I have to commend you on the e-stationery you prepared for me and members of my firm. It is almost expected, by now that I receive unsolicited compliments each time I use it. Your fine work has helped our firm project the image of accessibility with professionalism that is so important. Only this morning, I received another: “I like your e-mail message template. It is very attractive and professional.”

    - Gary Gottschlich, Partner  
      Gottschlich & Portune, LLC
      Dayton, Ohio
      (see Gary's stationery)

I have been using Digital Stationery® for more than a year and have received nothing but favorable comments. In business today, color sells the message and the attractive format developed by Verne Morland is an “attention getter”. Verne will work with you to develop just the right look and content that you need to get your message across. I would heartily recommend Digital Stationery® for your business. [more...]

  - George Krebs, President  
    Shore Business Solutions
    Howell, New Jersey

    (see George's stationery)

The stationery looks great and is functional as well. Recipients can easily and quickly navigate to our website and to other valuable information. We have received wonderful feedback about the stationery from our members. Thank you for helping us to renew our professional image and for “setting us apart” through the use of the stationery. [more...]

        - Victor Boccia, President  
          Western Ohio Chapter of ASTD
          Dayton, Ohio

          (see Victor's stationery)

“Cool e-mail, by the way.”

  - Unsolicited comment from a customer's customer.  

We invite you to take a look at our client list and to look through samples of our websites, stationery, and newsletters.

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Verne Morland
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