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Overview of Spam Filters
and Digital Stationery™

There are a series of influencing factors in respect of Spam triggers and causes:

  1. Purpose of Spam Filters: The purpose of a spam filter is to block high volume advertisement emails (messages sent to hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of people), not personal and professional messages. If a spam filter blocks a personal message, it is - by definition - a failure of the filter. The industry calls this a "false positive"

  2. Spam Filter Quality and Settings: There are many spam filters on the market in what is an unregulated industry and as with any product category, some are great, some are OK, and some are terrible. Even good filters can catch more messages than they should if they are set too high. The combination of bad filters and extreme filter settings can produce a lot of false positives.

  3. Spam Triggers: Filters mainly examine the content of incoming messages for marketing speak and literacy. We advise our clients to avoid using words and phrases, like "easy money", "Special Offer", "FREE", "£££", "BOLD and coloured text all of which are popular in spam messages and may trigger rejection.

  4. Digital Stationery™: Digital Stationery templates have been tested through several industry tools that evaluate the "spaminess" of a message and they typically come back with a rating of "0" indicating that they have almost no chance of being filtered out by good filters based on the composition and design of the template.

  5. Recipient Responsibility: Since spam filters are not perfect, requested emails get held up and non-requested emails still get through. It is becoming well understood by most email users that they must check spam or junk folders regularly. Even with good filters and good settings, some "good" messages, plain text or html messages will occasionally get caught by the filter. When this happens once, competent PC users will add the sender to a "Safe Senders" list so that it will never happen again.

BOTTOM LINE: Digital Stationery™ provides its users with multiple significant marketing advantages. However, poorly designed or poorly set up spam filters or poor PC user practice will always effect both plain text and html emails deliverability. This is a minor inconvenience for Digital Stationery users who see and understand the processes and advantages as significantly outweighing this occasional disadvantage.