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    - Dave Erdman
      Vital Learning


Email Newsletters Designed by Digital Stationery®

Since we specialize in visually integrated, internet-based marketing communications, we design email newsletters that present and reinforce a consistent logo, color scheme, and marketing message. As the images below indicate, these newletters are linked - visually and technically - to the email stationery and the company websites. Think of how powerful this is when you use it in every important communication with your customers and prospects. (Click on the images to see full-size examples.)

Grapes of Ruth
(Wine Store)
Stationery for Grapes of Ruth

Vintage News from Grapes of Ruth
Vintage News
Henson Associates
(Employee Development)
Stationery for Henson Associates

Henson Highlights Newsletter
Henson Highlights


Diversity Effectiveness

Stationery for Diversity Effectiveness Group, LLC

Connections from the Diversity Effectiveness Group, LLC
Vital Learning

Stationery for Vital Learning Corporation

Effective Leadership Newsletter
Effective Leadership

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